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Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is a treatment for addiction that includes the use of medication along with counseling and other support. Treatment that includes medication is sometimes the best choice for opioid addiction. If a person is addicted, medication allows him or her to regain a normal state of mind, free of drug-induced highs and lows. These changes can give the person the chance to focus on the lifestyle changes that lead back to healthy living. Used properly, the medication does NOT create a new addiction.

There are three medications commonly used to treat opioid addiction. These are methadone, buprenorphine (also called Suboxone, Buprenex, and Subutex), and naltrexone (also called Vivitrol). All of these medications have the same positive effect: they reduce problem addiction behavior. 

  • Methadone and buprenorphine trick the brain into thinking it is still getting the problem opioid. The person taking the medication feels normal, not high, and withdrawal does not occur. Methadone and buprenorphine also reduce cravings.

  • Naltrexone helps overcome addiction in a different way. It blocks the effect of opioid drugs. This takes away the feeling of getting high if the problem drug is used again. This feature makes naltrexone a good choice to prevent relapse (falling back into problem drug use).

Will my insurance cover MAT?

Many insurance plans cover substance use disorder treatments including Medicaid and Medicare plans. To find out if your insurance covers treatment call the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card.

Where can I access MAT locally?

Greenbrook Recovery - St Joe’s Hospital

(734) 786-4900

Medication Assisted Treatment - Suboxone

Outpatient services

Visit Greenbrook Recovery's Website


Packard Health - Addiction Treatment Services

(734) 971-1073

Medication Assisted Treatment - Suboxone

Outpatient services

Visit Packard Health's Website

Workit Health

(734) 329-5419

Medication Assisted Treatment - Suboxone

Outpatient services

Visit Workit Health's Website


IHA Recovery Specialists

(734) 662-5016

Medication Assisted Treatment

Outpatient services

Visit IHA's Recovery Website

Ann Arbor Comprehensive Treatment Center

(866) 381-6104

Medication Assisted Treatment - Methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex

Outpatient services

Visit Ann Arbor Comprehensive Treatment Center's Website

University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS)

(734) 764-0231

Medication Assisted Treatment - Suboxone

Outpatient services

Visit UMATS's Website

Need more details? Contact the Opioid Project

We are here to help people get involved in ending the opioid epidemic.

Want to find out more about treatment?

Washtenaw County's treatment facilities are can help you recover.

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