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2022 Washtenaw Opioid Summit | Day 1 Keynote

2022 Washtenaw Opioid Summit | Day 1 Keynote

Developing Culturally Targeted Effort for Communities of Color Presented by Dr. Katrina Wyche Link to Slides: Since the onset of the opiate crisis the United States has reached the highest rates ever reported in its history. Initially it appeared this epidemic was only impacting Caucasians however more recent research has shown that this crisis is in fact impacting already disproportionately impacted by a range of health disparities and the addition of an opioid dependence increases these risks. This training will examine the opiate crisis from a different cultural perspective and will discuss culturally appropriate strategies and practices when working with communities of color. Dr. Katrina J. Wyche, has been in the human services field over 20 years on a volunteer and professional basis. Wyche currently serves as the Divisional Director for SheRays and TTJ Group, LLC. She obtained her Doctorate of Education Leadership (Ed.D), with a focus on Cross-Cultural Leadership and Organizational Development & Design from Xavier University where she is also an Adjunct Professor. She is also an Associate Trainer for Faith Partners, LLC. Currently she provides board leadership and consultation to FuturePromise, a group home for emotionally disturbed adolescence. She is a founding member of Wyoming Community in Action. She has served as a trainer and consultant for Interact for Health, Faith Partners, Inc, and PreventionFirst!. She served on the board of directors for the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Association of Ohio. Wyche also is the Co-developer of the Building Prevention with Faith: A Faith-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Toolkit.


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