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Substance Use Treatment

Are you in crisis? Call the crisis line at 800-440-7548 for immediate assistance.
  • If you are seeking treatment on behalf of a loved one, please know that they will need to call themselves in order to begin the process and be screened.

  • Your level of care will be determined through a series of questions about your use patterns and medical history.

  • It is important that you are completely honest during your screening, for your own safety and for the safety of those around you. State and federal law protects any information you provide while seeking services for substance use, and this information cannot be disclosed unless you give written permission.

  • In certain situations, such as when you are pregnant or withdrawing from certain substances or combination of substances, you will only be eligible for certain types of treatment to ensure your safety.

  • Not everyone who is struggling with substance use needs residential care; there are different levels of treatment as well as many paths to recovery that do not require treatment.

  • Please see this page for information on a variety of recovery paths and how to access them

Contact Washtenaw ACCESS at 734-544-3050 or 800-440-7548.

Washtenaw ACCESS employs a team of clinical staff who can help navigate the treatment process. ACCESS will be able to help identify your current insurance coverage or eligibility for coverage and walk you through the process of getting the necessary assessments and referrals in place.
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