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Anyone taking prescription pills or heroin is at risk of having a deadly overdose because of misuse, medication interactions, or prior health conditions.

Someone having an opioid overdose can be saved with quick action. Learn more about how to recognize and react to an opioid overdose.

Naloxone is a medication that reverses an opioid overdose. If given to someone overdosing on prescription opioids or heroin it can save their life.

Watch videos and learn more about naloxone.

The road to long-term recovery can be rocky and difficult but it is possible. There are many different paths to recovery and many different options for treatment. 

Learn more about the various methods of treatment as well as groups that offer support during the recovery journey.

Proper disposal of opioid medications an important step that everyone in our community can take in fighting the opioid epidemic. 

Learn more about why it's important to lock up your medications and how to dispose of them properly.

Get access to Washtenaw County substance use treatment services.

Washtenaw County Public Health monitors the epidemic and tracks trends. Learn more about the current status of the opioid epidemic in our community. 

Need more details? Contact the Opioid Project

We are here to help people get involved in ending the opioid epidemic.

Want to find out more about treatment?

Washtenaw County's treatment facilities are can help you recover.

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